Pregnant on your wedding day

Pregnant on your wedding day

Are you expecting on your special day?  There are lots of different options for your wedding dress. Of course there’s a lot to think about, such as choosing your fabrics carefully and avoiding very close-fitting dresses.

Stretch-fabric maternity wedding dress

A maternity wedding dress needs to be stretchy, or at least have plenty of room for your baby to grow. There are lots of options. For example, top-quality stretch lace is very comfortable to wear. The fabrics are designed so that the dress does not ride up, but drapes gracefully on the body. The fabrics used for maternity wedding dresses are often somewhat softer than for ‘normal’ wedding dresses.

Maternity wedding dress styles

If you are expecting you can choose a wedding dress that disguises your bump (with loosely-flowing fabrics) or go for one that shows your bump off. A wedding dress that flaunts your bump will have a high, narrow waist and the fabric will skim smoothly over the bump and really show it off.

Like to try on our maternity wedding dresses?

If you’re expecting at your wedding and you want to choose a perfect dress, just pay a visit to our shop. We’ll help you to find just the right maternity wedding dress. Can’t find what you’re really looking for? You could also go for a ‘normal’ wedding dress in a larger size, which could then easily be altered to fit.

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